I offer nutrition advice to support your body and mind, help you feel more energised and enable you to make the most of every day. Simple, healthy food, meal and recipe suggestions to fit into your busy lifestyle.    

Making the right food choices allows you to become stronger, leaner and happier. 80% of your results are determined by the foods you eat. I’ll help you to think of food as the fuel to nourish your body which in turn will enable you to train to your full potential.

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Probably the most important meal of the day. Your body's been sleeping for 8 hours and needs some nutrition for a good kick start. I'm a big advocate of eggs first thing for an essential protein hit.

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Don't fill up on the wrong foods, healthy snacks can be tasty too. With my quick and easy homemade recipes you'll know exactly what goodness is going in them. They're cheap to make too and perfect for a quick energy boost.  

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Taking lunch to work can be a huge money saver. With my choice of ingredients and healthy recommendations you'll be the envy of your work colleagues.   

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Post workout shakes

The best way to feed your muscles after one of my workouts is with a tasty protein shake, packed with vitimins and flavour.



Cooking in bulk is the best way to save you time in the evening. I can recommend you plenty of dinner dishes which you can whip up in no time and then eat again later in the week.

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Everyone loves dessert and it's the perfect end to a hard day. when they're guilt-free there's no reason not to have one! It can be a great way to get some extra nutrients in ready to get to work while you sleep.